The humble chocolate chip cookie


Actually, we think of these as chocolate chip cookie royalty. What makes them so good?  Besides the usual organic ingredients like eggs and butter that we use in all of our recipes, there are some extra special elements in these cookies. The first is extra dark organic sugar—It has molasses notes that add an incredible depth of flavor.  For more on this delicious sugar, click here.

Flour is also an important player in this recipe.  We use a combination of organic bread flour and organic pastry flour.  These specialty flours add a bit of protein to the cookies, and give them a lovely texture with a bit of chewiness. While we aren't calling this a "healthy" cookie, it never hurts to go organic and add protein to your dessert.

The next hero ingredient is organic vanilla.  We'll admit it, we are vanilla nerds.  It is amazing that a small amount of vanilla can pack such a huge flavor punch (though we admit to using twice as much vanilla in our cookies than is called for in most recipes). We are completely over the moon with Nielsen-Massey's Organic Madagascar Vanilla (if you want to geek out about this vanilla with us, click here).   

Add to that Guittard organic chocolate chips and a sprinkling of sea salt on top, and you've got a crave-worthy cookie on your hands! 

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