Why use organic ingredients?

There are lots of answers to that question- organic is better for you, better for animals involved in food production, better for the environment. And because we are making beautiful baked goods for someone you love, we are going to use the best ingredients possible!


What do you use to make your boxes gluten free?

We replace all of the flours we use in the Original Artisan Box with Cup4Cup flour.  Developed by the chefs at renowned French Laundry in Napa Valley, Cup4Cup is the gold standard for gluten free baking. But please note, while we use all gluten free ingredients, our treats are baked in facility that also processes wheat products.

At the present time, our baked goods contain nuts, eggs and dairy, and the treats in the original organic box contain wheat and gluten.


Will you add different cookie/snack choices in the future?

Yes!  We are constantly testing new recipes, and will be introducing lots of new cookies as we continue to grow.  Who knows, you might find a brand new cookie flavor included in your next care package- you could become a member of our taste test team! We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

What if I want to customize my box?

Please, let us know!  We love doing custom work.  We can change the selection and personalize labels for you, too.  Contact us at hello@scenicmade.com so we can disciss the specifics.  We can tell you what is possible and prepare a price estimate.

How does my care package get shipped?

We use USPS priority mail, which usually arrives in one to three days.  If you need something faster, please let us know and we can make it happen.  We'll just charge you the difference for expedited delivery.

Will my Scenic Made goodies arrive fresh?

Yes, our packaging is designed to ensure our cookies, caramels, granola and other treats arrive as fresh as possible. And you will usually receive them one to three days after they’ve been baked, so they’re often fresher than anything at your local bakery.

How much will I pay for shipping?

USPS priority shipping is always included in the price of your box- there are no added fees to worry about.