Hero Ingredient: Organic *extra* dark brown sugar


You might be thinking, “what is so special about brown sugar?”  If you’ve never tried it, organic dark brown sugar is unlike any that you’ve ever tasted before. The sugar on the left in the picture above is the dark brown sugar you can find in any grocery store in the U.S.  It bears no resemblance to the extra dark brown sugar on the right.

 Ours is produced by the folks at Wholesome Foods, and it is spectacular.  If you can't find that exact brand, look for Golden Barrel organic dark brown sugar (produced in Pennsylvania) or Dark Muscovado sugar (not available organic, but India Tree has a fair-trade version that is out of this world). It is the main ingredient that sets our chocolate chip cookies apart from the rest of the pack.  It enhances the flavor of our already delicious caramels.  It lends the perfect amount of sweetness to our crunchy granola.  If you can find it at a grocery store near you, take the plunge and give it a try- it will be more expensive than all of the other dark brown sugar in the aisle, but oh, so worth it. 


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