Stack of chocolate chip cookies in a cylinder with a cute Scenic Made label, includes the words chocolate chip cookies and small batch, big flavor.
Photo of a stack of molasses cookies in a colander with a Scenic Made label on top. Label includes the words "molasses cookies" and "small batch, big flavor." There are three of the molasses cookies stacked outside of the package.
A rectangular box filled with 8 wrapped caramels. The label on top of the box says "caramels with sea salt," as well as "Scenic Made" and "small batch, big flavor." 3 caramels are sitting outside of the box. 2 are wrapped in natural color parchment paper,
Photo of a square plastic box with 2 brownies inside. The label on top reads "Brownie bites," as well as "Scenic Made," and "small batch, big flavor." There are 2 brownies stacked outside of the box. The brownies are cut in the shape of hearts.


Regular price $48.00

A small box that gives you a taste of some of our offerings- there will be some of our favorites in the box, like chocolate chip cookies, molasses cookies, caramels and a brownie bite.  Your customized card will be included as well.

What's in the box:

Chocolate Chip Cookies (3)

Molasses cookies (3 small)

Brownie Bite (1)

Caramels (4)