Supplier Spotlight: Petaluma Creamery/Spring Hill certified organic dairy

We are passionate about everything we put into our organic treats. Butter is one of the most important ingredients we use, affecting both flavor and texture. We are honored to be have access to the delicious, organic butter produced by Spring Hill organic dairy. Their hardy Jersey cows are smaller and their lower milk volumes are higher in protein and butterfat than their Holstein cousins. Their butter makes everything taste better!
And it's great to know they employ sustainable practices and the kind respectful treatment of animals. The cows enjoy the temperate climes that have made the Northern California milkshed the home for premium quality producing dairies for more than a century.  
The Creamery was founded in 1913 and is now owned By Larry Peter, a longtime advocate for Sonoma agriculture. He borrowed millions of dollars to buy the Creamery when developers tried to turn the land into houses or a commercial development. I want this creamery to be here for another 100 years,” said Larry Peter, “As long as I am alive, it will be operating.” 
From the web site: “The Creamery not only has historic significance to our community but has been an essential component of our local economy as well. It has served local dairy producers for one hundred years and played an integral role in ensuring the longevity and continuity of our family farms. Larry Peter’s passion for his agricultural roots coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit is admirable and benefits the industry and above all, our community,” said Sonoma County supervisor David Rabbitt, a Petaluma resident and former member of the Petaluma City Council.
We appreciate the passion Spring Hill puts into all of its operations, and it clearly shows in all of their products. We believe you can taste the difference in all of our baked goods.

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