This is a photo of the interior of the Valentine's box. On the inside lid is a personalized card with red and white bakers twine attached to pull it out of the frosted vellum sleeve attached to the box.
Stack of chocolate chip cookies in a cylinder with a cute Scenic Made label, includes the words chocolate chip cookies and small batch, big flavor.
Photo of a stack of molasses cookies in a colander with a Scenic Made label on top. Label includes the words "molasses cookies" and "small batch, big flavor." There are three of the molasses cookies stacked outside of the package.
Photo of a stack of heart-shaped frosted sugar cookies in a clear cylinder.  The label on top says "frosted sugar cookies," as well as "Scenic Made, small batch, big flavor." The cookies are decorated to look like conversation heart candies. Three of them are stacked next to the container. The top one has white frosting, decorated with the words "be mine" in gold.
A rectangular box filled with 8 wrapped caramels. The label on top of the box says "caramels with sea salt," as well as "Scenic Made" and "small batch, big flavor." 3 caramels are sitting outside of the box. 2 are wrapped in natural color parchment paper, and one is sitting on an unwrapped piece of parchment paper.
Photo of a square plastic box with 2 brownies inside. The label on top reads "Brownie bites," as well as "Scenic Made," and "small batch, big flavor." There are 2 brownies stacked outside of the box. The brownies are cut in the shape of hearts.
The photo shows an opaque package filled with heart shaped shortbread bites cut out in the space of a heart and decorated with gold and silver sugar and sprinkles as well as tiny pink, red and white sugar heart decorations. There are 3 of the shortbread bites stacked outside of the bag.
The photo shows a kraft colored bag with a clear front filled with granola. There is a label on the front that says "Granola," as well as "Scenic Made," and "small batch, big flavor."
This photo shows 4 personalized card choices. They include #1: a postbox with a valentine sticking out, #2: a border of pink hearts falling from the top of the card with the message below, #3: an image of an envelope with heart shaped flowers coming out of it, and #4: an ombre of shades of pink and orange going down to white with message on the lower half of the card.

Valentine's Box

Regular price $75.00

Similar to our original, handcrafted care package, with a few Valentine's Day special items in the mix. Look for heart-shaped frosted sugar cookies, and black and white shortbread bites with metallic sprinkles and mini sugar heart decorations. And what's better than a fudgy, rich brownie bite? A brownie bite in the shape of a heart, of course! Valentine's items noted with a heart below.

What's inside the box:

Organic Chocolate Chip cookies (7-8 large cookies)

Organic frosted heart sugar cookies ❤️ (9 frosted cookies)

Organic Molasses cookies (9-10 small cookies)

Organic Caramels (8 caramels)

Organic, heart shaped brownie bites ❤️ (2 bites )

Black & White shortbread bites with sprinkles ❤️ (6 bites )

Gluten-free Granola with nuts (2 ounces)

A personalized card from you! Use the section below to customize your card.  Upload a picture, or choose from one of our special edition Valentine borders. Choose a greeting and add your own, personal message.

We donate $2 from every box purchased to local organizations serving community members facing food insecurity.

Shipping notes: we bake everything to order, and we want to make sure your recipient gets the freshest treats possible. Orders placed by 12:00 noon Saturday will be shipped via USPS priority mail on the following Monday. That way we can be sure that nothing gets stuck at the Post Office over the weekend. If you need something shipped outside of this schedule or prefer shipping FedEx, please contact us at

Last day to order for Valentine's shipping is February 5th.